Arkansas Academy of Hair Design
2 Convenient Locations
3512 East Nettleton Avenue
Jonesboro, AR 72401
917 East Kingshighway
Paragould, AR 72450

2 ConvenientĀ Locations
Jonesboro and Paragould

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 We are happy that you are visiting our web-site.  We offer the very latest in training in the programs that we offer.  We are currently offering training for Cosmetology, Nail Technician, Esthetics,  and Instructor Training.  Our mission is not only to prepare the student to successfully pass the State Licensure, but to obtain and keep employment in the field they have chosen.  All answers about our programs and facilities should be answered after taking a tour of the web-site.  Should you need more information, please contact either of our schools.
                                                                                 ABOUT US
What drives the owner and staff of Arkansas Academy of Hair Design is a passion for the World of Beauty.  It is the desire of each Instructor to give the highest quality education to the student and deliver excellent service to each customer that visits our schools.

                                                                                    OUR PEOPLE

Both schools are owned by Suzette (Futrell) Davidson.  Suzette manages the schools.  Suzette grew up in this area and attended Brookland Public Schools.  Suzette always had a love for beauty and started teaching in the Jonesboro School in 1980.  She has seen her 37th anniversary of the teaching profession.  This passion and love for the profession have grown stronger year after year.

The Instructors have a very important role in the operation and success of our students.  In the Jonesboro school, Mrs. LeeAnne Bounds is the Senior Instructor.  She has been teaching since 1993.  Her teaching partner is Ms. Amanda Sears.  In the Paragould school, Mrs. Sandra Hendley is the Senior Instructor.  Her teaching partner is Mrs. Suzette Davidson.


The Jonesboro school has been in operation since 1960.  At the time it was built, it was owned by the Tucker Family.  The Tuckers were very involved in the Beauty Industry.  Suzette obtained both Cosmetology and Instructor Licenses under the Tuckers.  The school was owned by out-of-state
owners for several years, and was managed by Suzette.  The Davidsons purchased the Jonesboro school in 1996 and later opened a second school in Paragould.

                                                                            PROGRAMS OFFERED

COSMETOLOGY---This program teaches the many aspects of the Beauty World.  You will cover all areas of Hairdressing which include cutting, coloring, highlighting, foiling,  styling, chemical texturizing, hair additions and Much, Much More!!!   You will also study Skin Care which includes facials, waxing, make-up and Much, Much More!!!  You will also study Nail Care which includes manicuring, pedicuring, artificial nails, and nail art.  The Angel Love Gel Nail program is offered in our schools. Theoretical training will also be given in each unit of study in the program, along with practical instruction and training.

NAIL TECHNICIAN---This program is designed for the student that wants to only perform Nail Services.  This program teaches manicuring, pedicuring, Angel Nail Gel Nails, artificial nail application, and nail art.  Theoretical training as well as hands on training will be received by the student in each unit of study.

ESTHETICS---This program is designed for the student that wants to only perform Skin Care and Make Up Services.  This program is offered only in the Jonesboro location.   In this program, the student will learn Basic Facials, Therapeutic Facials, Machine Facials, Microdermabrasion, Facial Massage, Eyelash Extensions, Lash and Brow Coloring, Facial Waxing, Daytime Make Up and Evening Make Up.  Theoretical training as well as hands on training will be received by the student in each unit of study.

INSTRUCTOR---This program is for the Licensed Cosmetologist or Nail Technician that has a desire to share their knowledge with the new students entering into the Cosmetology Career.  This program has a  very demanding curriculum.  The student will be learning how to teach.  This program revolves around the many areas of teaching and the diversity we see everyday in the classroom.  This particular student is learning to prepare class schedules, design a curriculum, write lesson plans, manage projects, and present both theory and practical classes.  This program is usually offered one time per year, with only a small number of applicants accepted. 


COSMETOLOGY---1500 hour program
80 hours            Hygiene & Sanitation
120 hours          Related Sciences 
1000 hours        Hairdressing
100 hours          Manicuring
100 hours          Cosmetic Therapy
50 hours            Salesmanship & Shop Management
50 hours            Shop Deportment     
TOTAL 1500 Hours of which 180 of the hours must be in theory      

NAIL TECHNICIAN---600 hour program
75 hours            Health, Sanitation & Infection Control
75 hours            Related Sciences
200 hours          Manicuring & Pedicuring
200 hours          Angel Love Gel Nail Technology and Advanced Nail Technology
50 hours            Career Development
TOTAL 600 Hours of which 75 of the hours must be in theory

ESTHETICS---600 hour program (Offered in the Jonesboro location only)
40 hours     Chemistry
35 hours     Physiology
35 hours     Bacteriology & Sanitation
45 hours     Introduction to Skin Care
150 hours     Skin Care
40 hours     Make Up and Corrective Make Up
40 hours     Eyebrows and Eyelashes
40 hours     Hair Removal
20 hours     Safety Precautions
20 hours     Professional and Personality Development
20 hours     Management
15 hours     Salesmanship
10 hours     State Law and Rules and Regulations
15 hours     Testing Evaluation
65 hours     Instructor Discretion
TOTAL  600 Hours of which 75 of the hours must be in theory

INSTRUCTOR---600 hour program
50 hours            Required Preparatory Training
100 hours         Class Attendance
50 hours            Conducting Theory Classes
300 hours          Conducting Practical Classes
10 hours            Methods of Keeping Records
90 hours            Brush-Up and Review Course
TOTAL 600 Hours of which 75 of the hours must be in theory

                                                            EDUCATIONAL COSTS

Cosmetology  Tuition                 $5400.00
                            Kit                        $595.00 + Tax
                            Textbook Set    $260.00 + Tax

Nail Technician Tuition                $2700.00
                             Kit                        $375.00 + Tax   
                            Textbook Set     $260.00 + Tax

Esthetician Tuition   $3750.00 (Offered in the Jonesboro location only)
     Kit   $600.00 + Tax
     Textbooks   $260.00 + Tax

Instructor Tuition                           $2500.00
                            Textbook  Set     $260.00 + Tax

All students are required to purchase a kit and books upon entering school.

                                                            SCHOOL HOURS

Our hours of operation are Tuesday thru Saturday.  We open at 8:30 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m.  Full-time students can clock 40 hours each week.  Part-time schedules can be arranged, the minimum weekly hours that must be attended is 20.

                                                            ENROLLMENT INFORMATION

Classes start the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.  The student needs to register at least 1 day prior to start day.  The student needs to bring the following items to register.
        High School Diploma, GED, or Transcript
        Birth Certificate (if under the age of 18)
        Driver's License or State Issued Photo ID
        $20.00 Cash for Student Permit
        Fee for Student Kit and Textbooks for the course enrolling.
We do ask that you call for an appointment for registration.
If student is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must co-sign for acceptance into school.

                                                                    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE

Financial assistance is determined by individual student eligibility.  The programs we participate in are:
        Arkansas Rural Endowment Student Loan 
        Arkansas and Missouri UMOS Program (Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers)
        Arkansas Rehabilitation Services
        Missouri Rehabilitation Services
        Veteran's Education Benefits (veteran, spouse, dependent children)

To apply for Arkansas Rural Endowment Student Loan, call 1-800-232-5505 or apply on-line at:

                                                                 CLINIC SERVICES

We offer clinic services to the public during the hours listed below.  All Services are performed by Students and Supervised by Licensed Instructors. We do accept walk-ins, we do appreciate appointments.  All Student must clock a minimum amount of hours, and have the ability to perform at an acceptable level,  before being allowed to work in the clinic area.    You can call either number below to schedule an appointment.  Below you will find a brief menu of the items that we offer with the costs.

Haircut (shampoo included)                                             $  4.00
Beard Trim  $ 3.00
Moustache Trim                                  $ 2.00
Shampoo & Set or Blow Dry Style                                  $  6.00
Shampoo & Flat Iron Style                                                $10.00
Spiral Curl Set                                                                 $12.50 up
Up Styles                                                                          $11.00 up
Press Only                                                                            $10.00
Press & Curl                                                                         $14.00
Press & Spiral Curl                                                             $19.50
Quick Weave                                                                        $40.00
Sew-In Weave                                                                      $55.00
Cornrows (8)                                                                        $15.00
Cornrows (12)                                                                      $22.00
Dreads                                                                                   $40.00 up
Braids                                                                                    $40.00 to $80.00
Basic Facial w/ Massage, Mask, Arch                           $10.00
Basic Facial w/ Make-Up                                                   $14.50
Day or Beauty (s/s, cond, Facial w/ arch, mani
                            pedicure)                                                   $37.50
Ultimate Day of Beauty (includes paraffin dips)         $48.50
Eyebrow or Lip Waxing                                                      $  5.00
Eyebrow Arching   $ 3.00
Lash & Brow Tinting   $ 6.50
Perms (includes cut and style)                                        $29.00 up
Spiral Wrap (Additional Charge)                                      $15.00
Virgin Relaxer (style included)                                         $30.00 up
Relaxer Retouch (style included)                                    $25.00 up
Thermal Straightener (style included)                            $50.00 up
Soft Curls (cut included)                                                     $30.00 up
Permanent Haircolor (style included)                             $18.50 up
Lightener (toner, cond, style included)                           $37.50 up
Cap Highlight/ Lowlight  style included)                          $26.00 up
One Color Weave or Foil (style included)                       $45.00 
      Long Hair One Color Foil    $65.00
Two Color Weave or Foil  (style included)                      $60.00
      Long Hair Two Color Foil   $85.00  
Crown Highlights(8-10 foils) (style included)                $35.00 
Crown Highlight w/Shadow   $50.00
      Long Hair Crown Highlight w/ Shadow   $70.00
Conditioners                                                                           $  4.00
Manicure                                                                                 $  8.00
Hot Oil Manicure    $ 8.50
French Manicure    $10.00
Gel Polish Manicure    $20.00
Gel French Manicure    $22.00
Gel Polish Only    $10.00
Gel Polish Change    $15.00
Gel Polish Removal Only            $ 5.00
Pedicure                                                                                  $16.00
Artificial Nails                                                                         $18.00

Walk-Ins are Welcome. However we do suggest calling and scheduling an appointment.

If you have questions about other services give us a call.

We use Scruples Haircolor and Lightening products in our schools.  Scruples offers a wide variety of color products that range from covering gray to the bright neon colors.  Stop by and see what we have to offer.

We carry several perm lines.  Included are Scruples, Redken, Zotos, Jeri Redding, and Helene Curtis.  We have perms for every type of hair.  TEXTURE is a popular item now.  Come see us and let us add some texture to your hair.  

We offer 20% discount to Senior Citizens (age 60 or over) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Discounts are not valid with any other special price.

Tuesday 10:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday 10:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Thursday 10:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Friday 9:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:45 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

                                                               CONTACT US

Please contact Suzette  Davidson at one of the numbers below for more information or to schedule an appointment for registration. 

Arkansas Academy of Hair Design                       Arkansas Academy of Hair Design II
3512 East Nettleton Avenue                                    917 East Kingshighway
Jonesboro, AR 72401                                                Paragould, AR 72450
870-935-3531                                                              870-236-4410
870-935-6944 (fax)                                                     870-236-0098 (fax)











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